What is B-stock / 2nd grade filament?

Quality filament for cheap money!

We buy leftovers and 2nd grade filament in large quantities to offer you the best price!

B-stock filament is filament that does not live up to the high standard of the manufacturer / brand. But which is still good enough to print with, errors can be due

The color does not match 100% with the brand's color code (every time a color is changed on a production line, 5-6Kg is lost before the color is 100% again)

Spool change (When changing the color of the production line, the last coil will have a transition in color from the old to the new)

Too much or too less filament on the spool (the weight of filament on the spool does not fit with brand standards, there is either too much or too little filament on the spool)

Instead of sending all this filament for recycling, we buy it and offer it to our customers. Note that B-stock / 2nd grade filament is only filament with minor defects, which still prints fine, filament with larger defects is sent directly for recycling, as we do not want to sell this.

When and where do you ship from?

We ship from our warehouse
Arildsvej 27
7442 Engesvang

Orders before 16.00 will be shipped the same day, and often you will already have your order in hand the next day.

Do you use real photos or stock photos ?

It will occur that some items are stock photos, however, these are mostly branded items such as BL Touch, Phaetus, Gates etc..

However, ALL our filament on the site are real photos that we have taken ourselves.

Where does the goods come from?

We have agreements with partners from all over the world and are constantly working to provide goods of the highest quality at the lowest price.

Is there a warranty on the goods?

We follow the Danish Sale of Goods Act and therefore provide a 2-year right of complaint. Read more under our terms and conditions


We follow the Danish Sale of Goods Act and therefore provide a 14-day right of return. Read more under our terms and conditions.

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